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🔠 Fonts in the Editor

Learn about email-safe fonts and which ones are recommended for use across your templates.


The Editor mode offers a variety of fonts to choose from to customize the appearance of the email template.

However, not all of the available Fonts in the Editor mode will be displayed.

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Remember that Gmail, Outlook, and other email providers restrict the fonts that can be used in their email communication. Imported fonts will not be displayed in the customer email unless the customer has that font installed (example: Montserrat) That being said, it is recommended to use ONLY email-safe fonts instead.

What are email-safe fonts?


Email-safe fonts (also known as web-safe fonts) are those supported by all major email clients. They’re the typefaces you can be sure will look good, no matter which email client your subscribers use to read your emails.

Email-safe fonts (also referred to as web-safe fonts) are fonts that are compatible with all major email clients. You can rely on these font styles to appear visually pleasing, regardless of the specific email client your recipients use to read your emails.


The most popular safe fonts for emails

  • Arial
  • Courier
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Helvetica
  • Helvetica Neue
  • Lucida
  • Tahoma
  • Times
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana

All the fonts mentioned earlier are super easy to read. Georgia, Verdana, and Trebuchet are some of the simplest and most readable.


Email client support


Since different email client providers have varying levels of support for web fonts (not the same as web-safe fonts), it's a good idea to check where most of your subscribers tend to open their emails, which in most cases, this information is unavailable.

Email client
Web font support
Apple Mail
✓ Yes
Outlook 2013-2021
✘ No
Outlook Office 365 (Win & Mac)
✘ No
Outlook for Mac
✓ Yes
Windows 11
✘ No*
Gmail App
✘ No**
✓ Yes
Outlook App
✘ No***
Samsung Mail
✘ No***
AOL Mail
✘ No
✘ No*****
Office 365
✘ No
✘ No
Yahoo! Mail
✘ No

Table based on this data.


*(ish? Some of the web fonts were showing up but it may be that the fonts were loaded on the computer)

**(Google overrides fonts – default on Android is Roboto, on iOS looks like Helvetica)

***(Fonts overridden – Roboto is default sans-serif)

****(ish. Liked Roboto, so there’s limited support of very specific web fonts – probably specific ones from Google Fonts, possibly only Roboto since it’s Google’s default)


Gmail supported fonts

👈 Click to check the list

Arial (arial) Arial Black (arial black) Arial Narrow (arial narrow) Bookman Old Style (Bookman Old Style) Book Antiqua (Book Antiqua) Charcoal (Charcoal) Courier (Courier) Courier New (Courier New) Comic Sans MS (comic sans ms) Fixed width (monospace) Garamond (garamond) Geneva (Geneva) Georgia (georgia) Helvetica (helvetica) Impact (Impact) Lucida Console (Lucida Console) Lucida Grande (Lucida Grande) Lucida Sans Unicode (Lucida Sans Unicode) Monaco (Monaco) Monospace (monospace) MS Sans Serif (MS Sans Serif) Narrow (arial narrow) New York (New York) Palatino (Palatino) Palatino Linotype (Palatino Linotype) Roboto (roboto) Sans serif (arial) Serif [times new roman] (serif) Symbol (Symbol) Tahoma (tahoma) Times (Times) Times New Roman (times new roman, serif) Trebuchet MS (trebuchet ms, sans-serif) Verdana (verdana) Webdings (Webdings) Wide (arial black) Wingdings (Wingdings) Zapf Dingbats (Zapf Dingbats)




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