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📳 Messaging Popups

The Messaging Popus (previously called Proactive Notification) is a “pop-up” out of the chatbot, serving to catch the website visitor’s attention.

See the example below. The notification at the bottom right corner is a Proactive Notification.



How to set up Proactive Notifications?

You can set up different Proactive Notifications according to your needs.

  1. To set up your own Proactive Notification, click Interact in the left main menu on the Bookboost Platform.
  1. At the top of the page, you can see the Proactive Notifications.

You can:

(1) choose one of our templates, or

(2) make one from scratch by yourself.

If you click the Templates button, you will be taken to this screen

By selecting one of these templates, the Proactive Notification will be prefilled to match your selection.

If you make one from scratch, you have three options:

The first option allows you to show a text after the button is clicked (suitable for ex. sharing a coupon)

The second option enables you to direct the guest to a link (suitable, for ex., providing a direct-to-purchase link).

The third option only contains the text.

After you’ve chosen your message option, you need to fill in the title and message content.

If you select the option with a button, you need to fill in both the text and the button when a visitor clicks on it. (This step will be pre-filled if you choose a template)



You can specifically target website visitors by showing different notifications to different guests. For example, you can target visitors who have visited the website X number of times or who have visited a specific page on the website. You can select the filters for targeting yourself.



You can choose when your website visitor receives the message.

Select Welcome (the notification will pop up after a specific time after the visitor opens the website), or select Exit (the notification will pop up one time when the visitor moves the cursor to the outside of the web page).

In terms of Status, a proactive message can either have a status of ‘draft’, ‘inactive’, or ‘active’.

Draft: Leave the proactive message as a Draft if you haven’t finished it yet and want to continue working on it later.

Inactive: Save the proactive message as Inactive if you’ve finished editing the notification but don’t want it to be live on your website yet.

Active: Save the proactive message as Active to start using it directly.

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